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I think in our household, we're into double figures when it comes to how many bottles there are in the NITP household! But for this review, we passed the baton over to Mrs NITP who enjoys a run and a walk and was best placed to give the ION8 500ml Leak Proof bottle a test on her ventures out...

First Impressions

I am a keen runner/walker and do like to have some vessel for my hydration. When I opened the packaging, the ION8 wasn’t too be a running partner but a walking accomplice. I thought the bottle had a plastic feel to it if im honest but ION8’s bottles are BPA free (an industrial chemical commonly found in polycarbonate plastics).


I wasn’t convinced that the lid and in particular the smooth flow spout would do the job or be for me. Prior to getting this bottle I have been using Hydroflask but the ION8 just didn’t feel like it was going to be durable, however the frosted finish does give the bottle a bit of bling.


Having been using this bottle for the past couple of months, I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised. Call me a water bottle snob if you like but I have bought my fair share of bottles in the past few years and only recently did I decide to bite the bullet and purchase a stainless steel bottle (at quite a hefty price can I add!) because quite frankly I was sick and tired of replacing cheap ones that kept breaking. My reason? I guessed that the more I invested, the longer I would have it. Up until now my theory had been proven right and I was quite happy with the brand I was using. Then, the ION8 landed on my doorstep and I think I may have to bring myself down a peg or two on the water bottle ladder of snobbery! So what does it claim to do?

  • No spill – Yep! From being at the bottom of my handbag to being squeezed into out tiny fridge to being manhandled by a 1 year old, I can confirm it is indeed leakproof and even has a handy clip to prevent the lid popping open.

  • Small enough for lunch boxes or small bags about town – I can not vouch for the lunch box claim but it definitely is small enough to fit into a small handbag or satchel.

  • One handed opening and lock – Yep! Again with a toddler in one arm I could easily open and close this bottle and again the lock gives you piece of mind when throwing it into your bag or laying flat.

  • Easy to wash -  Yep! Soapy warm water, enough said.

  • Vented, smooth liquid flow spout – Now this was the feature I was most dubious about. I’ve already said that I’ve been using a straw spout on another bottle of a different brand and I like that I don’t even have to tilt the bottle to get water (call me lazy if you want to as well). Actually, the smooth flow is something I really like about this bottle and it was so easy to get used to this feature I now feel like an even bigger snob for caring about a straw feature!

  • Handy finger carrying handle/hook – I really like this feature. The hook is on a hinge that lays flat against the bottle when not in use. Its quite discreet and you could forget its there if you didn’t need to use it.

As mentioned before, the bottle is also BPA free, phthalate free made from non-toxic TRITAN. It claims to be odour resistant, but this isn’t something I have tested well as personally I’m a fan of H2O and I haven’t out anything else in it.


For only £12.99 I would say this is a pretty decent water bottle and one that I will be continuing to use. With ml markings along the side, the bottle is motivating me to keep hydrated. I would love to see a customisation option like having your name, initials or a motivation motto printed on the bottle, it’s the trend these days and who doesn’t love something personalised?!  Its value for money, comes in a range of sizes, colours and styles and honestly, in my opinion why go out and splurge on some of the pricier bottles on the market that claim all kinds when this bottle does all you need.