Just under 200 miles in 3 days, London to Paris is a popular route for many cyclists looking to follow in the footsteps of cycling history, rolling down the Champs Elysees. Simon and Amelie took the time out to tell us how the training is going and how good their French is!

He's won a stage at each Grand Tour, he's newly crowned European Champion and he will be at SixDay London in October. We threw Elia Viviani some questions about his track career, his recent move to Cofidis and is it ok to attack mates whilst they're eating?!...

It's been a privilege to follow his racing career through the Cats. Sam Hodges has been putting the effort in on and off the bike and has started to reap the rewards. We caught up with Sam to discuss diet, aspirations and go karting! Read on, it does make sense!

Mind over matter? No, try mountain, that's what 2 endurance cyclists are doing to raise the awareness and importance of mental health. They took some time out in their altitude training to tell us more about their series of challenges and why they do what they do...

Dina Asher-Smith, Johanna Konta, Laura Kenny. Just shows how successful female sports are in Britain right now. Flaming Pink is continuing to drive that movement on by showcasing the best of female sports clothing...

We had the privilege to interview Olympian Callum Skinner as thanks to Tempur, he now has access to a decent mattress hoping in a better quality of rest and recuperation...say no to springs!

Feeling in the legs have finally returned, sleep is now normal-ish and the memory of the constant climbing of Druids is fading away! We caught up with the Dirty Wknd team about their Revolve24 experience...

Flying under the Dirty Wknd banner, spurred on by an ambitious DS, we're in a 4 man team taking on the infamous Revolve24 at Brands Hatch. Big questions need to be answered like will Chris ride to the start?!

Fancy interviewing a paralympian!? Er yeah! Privilege to throw the one and only Dame Sarah Storey some questions focusing on this Women's Tour including the most important question of all...what do your riders call you?! 

We had the pleasure to chat to Gary Blesson, a seasoned cyclist/triathlete who runs a nice little retreat in Portugal and the runs the blog over at Lexham Insurance. He shared his tips for triathlon novices and any killer climbs to look out for in the peaks of Portugal!

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