Hogden Lane, Effingham


Have you ever detoured down a road and it starts with a kinky little descent and it opens up into a small picturesque valley but then you realise your legs have suddenly began to push much harder and that the road is rising up? Yeah that one!

Its sister Beech Avenue is one of our favourite climbs here at NITP but Hogden Lane is its much neglected sibling. Most who ride these roads will stick to the rat runs to get to the bigger stuff. We seriously recommend you to say no to conformity and explore this naughty little climb. 

Don't let its downhill section fol you, when it kicks, it stays there. If you're tactful, use the speed from the downhill (do be careful, its a one track lane) to throw you into the climb, the key here is to find a gear immediately which won't make you grind. This will help you find a rhythm for the 17% and also gives you the option to change up again if you can push on. Once at the end of the woods, the gradient will begin to level out and you can roll on to Ranmore Common.

Hogden Lane Effingham, KT24


Length: 1.9km


Average Gradient: 3%


Max. Gradient: 17%


KOM: 3.43


QOM: 4.51


NITP PB: 6.17


NITP Torture Score: 6.5/10


NITP Pedal Point: It really is all down how you approach the kick. Get it right with the downhill speed (again, just be wary of oncoming traffic) and gear changing at the right time, you could be on for a good time. Get it wrong and you'll find yourself grinding the gears to get up the steepest section.