halfords heated handlebar grips

Friday 28th February 2020

Subway AW 3.jpg

Mrs NITP often gives us a smirk when she turns the heated seats on in her car whilst watching us zipping up our winter jacket and wearing enough thermal clothing on our commute to work. Well, Halfords have come up with a clever little addition to one of their Carerra fleet - heated handlebar grips...

Halfords has launched the innovative world exclusive Carrera Subway A/W bike, the world’s first bicycle to feature heated handlebar grips, an innovation which means cyclists can say goodbye to cold hands and stay cycling through the colder months. Boasting a temperature of up to 40 degrees, the grips are charged via a micro USB port.  


According to Justin Stevenson, Halfords’ chief bike designer: “Whether for commuting or training purposes, we know that cycling in the colder months can be a challenge. We wanted to make it easier for riders to stay on their bike, so we developed the Carrera Subway A/W All-Weather Hybrid Bike – the world’s first bike with heated handlebar grips. It also boasts other winter-friendly features including semi-integrated lights, puncture resistant tyres and all-over reflectivity.”


A recent poll by the retailer has shown that 68% of cyclists are put off cycling during winter, so this innovation is designed to help cyclists stay on their bikes during the colder months. Halfords is the exclusive UK retailer of the hybrid bike and it will be available in selected shops and online at Halfords.com for £400.


The heated handlebars have a battery life of four hours. Product features and benefits of the Carrera Subway Winter bike also include:


  • Reflective decals

  • Semi-integrated lights

  • Puncture-resistant tyres

  • Fitted mudguards

Subway AW .jpg