Green Dene, East Horsley

If you're looking for a stroll rather than a grind, a woodland rather than barron wasteland, you've come to the right place. With the canopy of the trees hiding the sky above you, you'll be forgiven if you have been thrown back to the times of the Starks and the Lannisters (yes I know its fiction but I'm a fan and its my site!).


Once you pass the hideous start of its neighbour House of Crocknorth, you start to roll up the incline through this lovely spot in the Surrey Hills. Its locals have it good here, a quiet road, scenic wooded landscape and if they are into their bikes road or MTB, options are endless. There's never a particular steep part to this climb although it kicks very slightly on the 2 main bends. You'll notice the road hide away, this is when an increase in effort is needed.


For a training climb, it has length to test the legs. If you're looking for a much steeper gradient, try its other neighbour, House of Combe!


Green Dene, East Horsley, KT24


Length: 2.3km


Average Gradient: 3.6%


Max. Gradient: 13.6%


KOM: 4.19


QOM: 5.07


NITP PB: 6.56


NITP Torture Score: 5/10


NITP Pedal Point: The gradient is kind to you for most of the climb, wait till the road bends round for the kick in incline. The big ring is doable here on this climb but it'll take a lot of focus for the 6 minutes or so effort so make sure the legs are light before you start. Or find an easy gear and chillax!