We know this guy who just has a diet of miles. Follow his Strava and just his average speed on his commutes is enough to impress anyone! He also pops abroad now and then too. On his recent travels to Portugal, he came across a monster of a climb. It took him an hour and only 6 other people have recorded any data on this. Nick Boyle's account is one of horror but one of inspiration.


Whilst on summer vacation in the Duaro Valley, Portugal, I got to spend checkout some of the local roads and climbs. I always imagined that being situated in a valley there would be some good climbing to be had and I was not disappointed. There are a few climbs to Galafura. The one for this ride was truly epic. On the one hand you have the beautiful Duaro river with perfectly smooth tarmac to the other extreme of some 20% descents with Pave to brutal sections of the final part of the climb hitting gut-busting 24% (in some parts, it feels a lot steeper!).

Now the scenery is out of the way but as you can see from the photos, your reward for your hard effort is truly stunning. The roads are extremely quiet enabling you to zig-zag from side to side to aid you whilst out the saddle busting up the hill in your lowest gear. The road itself was approximately 10 miles in length and whilst some of the climbing is hard, overall there are various respites along the way which shield you from the sun and the gut busting parts of the climb.


Galafura, Portugal


Length: 19km


Average Gradient: 2.4%


Max. Gradient: 24%


KOM: 1.03.19 


QOM: n/a


NITP PB: n/a


NITP Torture Score: 10/10


NITP Pedal Point: Reading Nick's report, for a novice rider, you're throwing yourself into the pain zone. The gradients that you will be presented with will test even the climbing whippets. Tackling a climb this long is more of a mental game than a physical one, keeping yourself motivated and judging your energy expenditure especially if it's your first attempt, you never want to be left in the red when faced with ramps such as those found in the Galafura.