Fuel 10k Quark

Breakfast Pouches

Multiple Flavours

150g £1.49 from local superstores




Strawberry and Banana

So these little pouches are handy and easy packaged. We have been testing them out as a brunch style snack as it is often at this time, our metabolism kicks in as the weetabix at 7am has done its job. So researching about quark, it is a dairy product based on curdled milk but with no added salts and high in protein thanks to the casein proteins which is released in the process. It's thick and when cool, it does have a refreshing feel to it. It's thickness though makes this mid-morning booster the opposite to a shot of espresso where you could down it in one. It must of taken us a few minutes to squeeze the remaining contents out but giving me a full but not bloated feeling. I wasn't overly hungry at lunch so the title is backed up in practice. In terms of taste with this flavour, the strawberry is there but wasn't overly a lover of the banana when they usually go hand in hand. It did give it a powdery taste but not so much that I was looking for the bin so it'll be interesting how the others combined flavours fair in comparison.

Villa Bean and Honey

I must admit that first impression of these two flavours had me expecting just pure sweetness. I;m happy to report this wasn't the case. Fuel10k have managed to find the right balance with it being sweet but not sickly. It wasn't as thick as the S&B and I found it much easier to consume. We enjoyed it so much that we started to do that thing you do with the last bit of the toothpaste when you fold the packaging up so much just to squeeze the last essence out! Once again, come lunch, I wasn't overly hungry so it's top marks so far on the fuelling front.

Raspberry and Blueberry

Oooooo we liked this! We could of been mistaken that we were eating one of those mini petit filous pots! Very very easy to consume and complete opposite in texture compared to the S&B. Fortunately the weather is cold at the moment as it is sitting in my bag until brunch time but these pouches do need some refrigeration because no one wants to drink/eat a lukewarm dairy product! Again, lunch was light as the pouch fuelled me enough to get me through the morning. Now, it could of been the pouring rain that I wanted to get home quicker but efficiency on the bike was an improvement, no real fatigue after a long day at work so you could argue the pouch along with a light lunch sets you up for a quick commute home!

Mango and Passionfruit

Another great combination on paper. Who doesn't like swimming up to a pool bar and ordering a cocktail with these two fruits in?! (Beer boys shaking their head in shame!). First few sips felt like another peiti filous but a little bitterness started to creep in. This would be from the passionfruit as we are a big lover of the mango and know it's more sweet than sour. Performance wise, these pouches have really filled in that gap between early morning brekkie and sometimes a late lunch. My commute home today was the fastest it has been so far this year and although I would like to put it down to a loss of weight, credit must go to the refuelling these pouches give you throughout the day. I usually feel quite fatigued commuting after work but energy levels are up at the moment and it is definitely down to the diet I am following throughout the day.


Breakfast is extremely important. Some like to travel into work before they put the toaster on. Others like myself have always, since a wee boy, made sure that I have had something to eat before I begin the day. Obviously this food is used as energy for the commute to work so come brunch time, my belly normally rumbles and if I don't consume something, it has a knock on effect later in the day. Finishing off one of the Quark pouches definitely has had an impact on my energy levels during the day which has allowed me not to feel fatigue and focus on work or my commute home. The pouches are not over filling but will stress that a couple of the flavours weren't to my liking but someone out there will think it's foodporn! For me, the B&S was too thick and the banana didn't come through well. The R&B was our favourite and would happily stock a weeks worth to get me through those lagging moments at work.