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Recently, we've been changing our dietary habits and exploring different approaches to food. We have started to include a few meat free meals into our daily dinners just to freshen things up and also because we are starting to question the content of our food which we all should. You can not ignore the fact that veganism is making it's way into the limelight and if you open up your mindset, you can begin to see why. So we've put two vegan friendly snack products to the test against each other in a World Cup style match to see who would get a place in our trophy (food!) cupboard?! 

Nim's Pineapple Fruit Crisps

We were very intrigued when we heard about these fruit crisps. Now, we usually pop into our shopping basket all sorts of dried fruit with our favourite being dried mango. When you think of crisps, you think of the snap, the crunch, the mini pieces at the bottom of the packet you try to pick up with your fingers. With these pineapple pieces and although they looked like crisps in a way, they wasn't really. Unless you want to properly bake the pineapple, you're not going to recreate the snap you get from a crisp like a McCoy, these were basically dried fruit labelled crisps. Does it matter? Not really, it's fruit at the end of the day, one of your five a day. 

So what are they like then? Sticky, sometimes a bit hard to chew. Personally, I wouldn't mind thicker pieces but obviously if you're going for a crisp look, that would contradict the product's name. Are you not just better off buying dried pineapple already? Probably, but these are 100% pineapple, other alternatives may add sugars and additives which are not needed.

The Primal Pantry Acai Berry Bar

We've come across Primal Pantry before. They pride themselves on making their bars from raw ingredients with a natural ethos at the centre of their brand. We found the tastes a bit hit and miss for our liking, the mixed berry bar was too dry but the Cocoa Brownie bar was delicious. So they've come back with a new flavour in the form of Acai berry. According to PP's research, Acai reduces muscle stress and improves effort tolerance, quite crucial if you're in training for an event or race.

So does it hit the bar or is it the bar for other bars to aim for? (Does that make sense?!). Well, it's seedy, the Acai berry itself doesn't come through a whole lot but it's there. It's not as dry as other bars whilst it keeps that raw natural taste that what you're eating is exactly that, like the fruit crisps, you're getting no surprise guests in the ingredients. 

Final Result

The fruit crisps were looking for that 'snap' in attack. You was expecting them to be good on the 'break' but they found themselves in sticky situations. PP's natural bar had the exotic player in Acai but chances had dried up even though they had been a 'seeded' opponent. A close fought game with both brands putting up a fight to be the go to snack, we would recommend Nims to experiment with thicker pieces or maybe a mix of other fruits you can slice into 'crisps'. But the win goes to PP just via penalties, it safely ticks all the boxes but still lacking that killer instinct to be a dominant force, we feel if they made a cocoa strawberry brownie bar as a notinthepeloton limited edition release, they can become the Barcelona of the snack world!