For Goodness Shakes

Protein Water

Blackcurrant/Orange & Mango

£2.49 500ml from local superstores



Someone offers you some protein water, what do you do? Laugh and down your protein shake or adopt your curious face and give it a go? Pouring the pre-made mix into my bidons, it did have a syrup texture which didn't feel me with confidence, not what I want to be drinking on a long ride. I made the wise decision too by putting them in the fridge the night before just in case the heat turned the mixture into some sort of country fudge. But first few swigs were easy on the taste and the stomach. I had both flavours to test out and both were very consumable, I preferred the blackcurrant just as orange (even though it had a hint of mango) is a very safe flavour to have these days. Plus, you'll be glad to hear there was no essence of powder or after taste so thumbs up!

You say the word protein and you think power and lifting a mini packed with the England rugby team! Protein is often associated with recovery but its an energy system sprinters and power athletes stock up on. It just so happens that the test route had the short sharp climbs of the Chilterns to contend with so it was a good test to see what effect it would have on my performance. I drink on the basis of little and often (over indulge and you're bloated, too few and its a losing battle with hydration!) so when I knew a climb was coming up, few swigs and my climbing head was on. I've worked on weight loss this year so being lighter on the bike was the overall factor on my improved climbing but I never felt drained (dehydration brings on cramp). Im usually a sit down climber but on the steeper climbs, I felt I had the power to get out of the saddle and I kept the rhythm there for most of the climbs. You could argue it could be a mental factor of believing you're consuming a wonder liquid but give For Goodness Shakes its due, it got me up the climbs and in a state that I was already for the next challenge.

As this is a new product, you will find many superstores at the moment having the protein water on special offer but RRP is £2.49 which makes it more pricey than Lucozade. But after a short term test, I would be willling to give it a long term commitment. Only suggestion I would have is having the bottle size increased to 750ml so it matches my bidon size (I topped up with water on the solution so my bottles were full). Protein water? It was like having Dan Cole in your water bottle!



Once over the first gloopy impression, this protein water does deliver with its taste and easy consumption. But the question is how does it compare in a long term test against the average carbohydrate solution?