evade led commuting jacket

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Every single day we come across an argument somewhere on social media debating the colour of clothing you should wear. The most obvious answer is wearing high vis' especially on dark rides. Our own personal choosing that we will wear this choice of colour on night time rides but the stand alone fact is that it can not compensate for drivers who won't actively look for cyclists and then complain that they can't see you?! So sometimes it doesn't matter what you wear, it's all about being aware of others around you that will keep you safe. The other obvious addition to your cycling kit is the inclusion of lights. Not only are they a legal requirement for night time use, you'd like to think they will help others spot you as you're pedalling along. Now stick those lights on a jacket and what do you get? Let us introduce you to Evade Sport's LED commuting jacket and also to Mark Tachon, a good friend of the notinthepeloton community who saw the logic in cycling to work to keep fit and save money, the bike is a win-win for everyone! Here's what he had to say...

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As a novice to cycling, I had the misconception that simple front and back bike lights were enough for drivers on the road to see myself while on the road during early morning and evening commute into work.  After several near misses, I felt that I need stand out more to become more visible to drivers while on the road.

The Evade jacket fits my needs. It is a stylish jacket and meets all the basic requirements that a waterproof jacket should be.  The jacket is highly waterproof, breathable and packs into my work rucksack without taking too much space. The key feature of the Evade jacket is the battery fitted LED lights that are integrated into the jacket. There are three LED lights on each sleeve and three LED lights on the back. The light emitted from the LED’s are very bright and have three different functions.

I felt much safer on the road while commuting to work while using the jacket. Drivers seemed to be more aware of my presence, especially when using the flashing light function. The LED lights on the sleeves were beneficial when indicating as they are located on the side of the arms. The downside to the jacket is that the back-LED lights were covered by my rucksack and also the jacket it self is coloured black (not great for cycling in the dark) so I had to accessorise with a HI VIS vest to stand out even more.

Overall the Evade jacket is an excellent commuting cycling jacket. If you want to stand out from the darkness and become more visible to commuting motorists this is the great jacket. I would highly recommend it.