Friday 24th April 2020

We are a sucker for a brand moving into sustainable manufacturing especially using recycled plastics. That's what the people over at Dashel have done and they will turn your old one into a new one! Love it! It seems they've got so much interest that they have carried this ethos over into a children's range...

Recently (before the lockdown of course) Maddie Moate from the CBeebies TV series, ‘Maddie’s Do You Know?’ came to visit one of the Dashel factories. Maddie was there to see how carbon fibre cycle helmets are made. The episode, featuring Dashel, aired on 21st of April 2020 and is now available on BBC iPlayer.

Whilst the small size of the carbon fibre helmet featured in this episode, fits children from age four upwards – Dashel realised parents needed a price point more suitable for growing heads! Something that is impossible with a carbon fibre helmet. So, Dashel set to work creating a children’s version of its Re-Cycle helmet, which uses recycled plastic and is itself recyclable at end of life. Dashel is committed to sustainability – so it was important to create a helmet that would ‘grow’ as the child grows.


Children grow fast and often items, like cycle helmets, are worn for one season and then thrown away as the child has outgrown it. The new Dashel Extra Small helmet, which is ideal for cycling and kick-scooting, has a ring dial adjuster, allowing it to fit heads of approximately 50cm upwards. When the child outgrows this, the ring dial can be taken out and swapped for internal pads. Each helmet comes with two sizes of internal pads, so you can increase the size of the helmet in increments up to 56cm – allowing it to last even longer while your child grows.


When the helmet is eventually outgrown it can be passed down to a younger sibling with the adjuster dial put back in again, or sent back to Dashel for recycling and money off the next size up in the range. To tie in with the airing of ‘Maddie’s Do You Know?’ Dashel is today launching the Small size helmet for children with 53cm heads (average age 5 and upwards). Details on how to measure your child’s head are on Dashel’s website.  Parents will be able to purchase the adjuster dial retrospectively, if required. 


The Extra Small size, with the helmet adjuster, will be available once lockdown passes. The new children’s helmets are available in Dashel’s core colours of sage green, blue, red and black, plus two new colours, exclusive to the children’s range; yellow and turquoise.


Every colour can be customised with stickers which are included free with the helmet, as a launch offer. At launch there will be Reflective stars and Colourful Rainbows. Parents and children can stick these on themselves.

Additional features:

Dashel‘s children’s helmets feature an ingenious magnetic closure which prevents skin getting trapped.


The loop at the back is perfect for attaching lights to these are available separately from our site.

All of Dashel cycle helmets are manufactured in the UK. 


All Dashel‘s helmets are thoroughly safety tested and the new range scores just as highly as the carbon fibre versions in the safety tests. Catherine Bedford, founder of Dashel stresses; “All Dashel helmets have been rigorously safety tested, and, like any helmet it’s important to fit it correctly. The helmet needs sit level across the forehead, just a couple of finger widths above the eyebrow. The harness must be adjusted to be close fitting so the helmet doesn’t flop around. By choosing a safety tested helmet and fitting it correctly, you can be sure you are protecting your child’s head while they are cycling or kick-scooting.”