Dartmeet, Dartmoor

O deary me! This was just pure torture. Not sure there's many other words that can describe this climb. It's horrible. From the moment you roll over the bridge to the view point at the top, it is a pure grind with the gradient hardly leaving the high teens (see veloviewer below!). Dartmeet, I'll meet you in hell!

We were introduced to this on our Tour of Exeter ride and we had already had a few hills under our belts and our host for the day Josh had recommended getting as much speed from the small descent before to throw you into the climb. Now he's an elite triathlete so this might of benefited him but I might as well be wearing an already deployed parachute (closed one wouldn'nt make sense!) because I went from 20mph+ to 4mph in an instant!

The climb itself is very picturesque if you ever get the chance to raise your head above the bars. The local cows stand and watch cheering you on from the side (for those who speak moo!) but its hard to give yourself markers to aim for as its an open plain climb. Aim for each small bend in the road or send a friend up the road as a paceman. This is a hill which has featured previously on the Tour of Britain and as National Hill Climb so don't feel deflated because for the average cyclist, the achievement is in the conquering.


Dartmeet, Yelverton, PL20


Length: 1.1km


Average Gradient: 11.1%


Max. Gradient: 25.8%


KOM: 3.45


QOM: 4.50


NITP PB: 7.51


NITP Torture Score: 9/10


NITP Pedal Point: If you can carry speed off the dip, then great! If not, break the hill down into segments itself. Like we said before, there's not many markers and the cows move so you can't use them so aim for each bend. The summit is the car park and all that pain is worth it when you look back down and see the valley and all across the moors.