the cyclo

Thursday 13th June 2019

The fight to clean up our oceans is truly on. We have been evaluating our own lifestyle choices of late and realise we still buy products with single use plastics where there is no need. For example, crisp packets. For years and we hold our hands way up in the air for this, we have been buying multi-packs but have kicked ourselves right up the exit door and will not contribute anymore to the constant stream of plastics that end up in our oceans or landfills. If we all can change one thing in our lifestyle when it comes to SUPs (made our own acronym!), we can start to turn the tide in the right direction.

One company is looking to capitalise on the mountains of plastics that are collected from our waters and at the same time clean up the mess, Cyclo, have designed a bike helmet made with recycled ocean plastic. If you think this couldn't get any better, just wait until you hear the starting price! We really do hope this takes off...

The next generation of bike and scooter helmet, created by London tech business Cyclo Technology, is launching on Indiegogo at the end of June. As well as being the first genuinely ‘packable’ helmet, the Cyclo is made with recycled ocean plastic and will come at a price to suit everyone.

The Cyclo’s unique design means it packs down to a size and shape that fits in any rucksack or work bag. The first-ever helmet to use recycled ocean plastic, the Cyclo will surpass EU and US safety standards and, due to innovative production techniques, be really affordable. Super early bird prices on Indiegogo start at just £25.

The inspiration for this ground-breaking product came when Josh Cohen, Cyclo Co-Founder, used a hire bike in London. Despite sticking to the cycle lanes, he found the experience of riding without a helmet pretty scary. Josh spoke to friend and experienced cyclist Dom Cotton, who agreed that portability and availability of helmets is a real issue. They brought on board award-winning designer Will Wood, and together they’ve created the solution.

The Cyclo is made of just three primary parts and based around a clever 'flipclip' system which makes it really simple to pack. Alongside their design innovations, the team has built partnerships with campaigners Plastic Oceans UK and a leading supplier of ocean plastic.  

Co-Founder Dom said: “Josh’s experience of riding in London highlighted a clear gap in the market. Helmets are really important but can be inconvenient, especially for urban riders. We’ve created something that will help more people to ride more often and protect themselves and our planet in the process.”

The Cyclo is launching on Indiegogo at the end of June. For latest news and early bird discounts sign up now at