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rapture e-bike

Sunday 7th February 2021

Whatever your thoughts are about e-bikes, there is a place for them. They are an alternative for journeys that people choose to drive when there are more eco-friendly options available. Yes, e-bikes can be pricey but for those who are looking to get into cycling and do not have the physical capabilities or just want to cruise around, the e-bike revolution will answer your concerns. Crown Cruiser have recently been awarded funding to put the Rapture into the process of production as part of the Covid recovery initiative. Looks cool though yeah?!

Affordable, sophisticated and technologically advanced, CrownCruiser’s Rapture eBike is designed to encourage more people to adopt green transport. Built with a lightweight and durable carbon-fibre monocoque in place of the traditional double-diamond bike frame, the Rapture has been engineered by the UK-based start-up in conjunction with a specialist in high tech engineering, PES Performance.

The Innovate UK grant will enable CrownCruiser Motors to set up an operations and assembly centre in Sheffield, working in partnership with Sheffield City Region to build, promote and sell the Rapture.

CrownCruiser Motors has designed Swap-and-Go battery stations to be located around cities so that Rapture users can switch a depleted battery for a fully-charged power unit in 12 seconds. This innovative infrastructure will make eBike usage more accessible and agile for commuting, exercise and leisure.

Founder of CrownCruiser Motors and brainchild of the Rapture, Adebola Adeleye, said: “This moment is many years in the making, driven by a deep passion to develop an eBike that would revolutionise sustainable transport. With the Rapture, we will bring a design and quality of materials that has never before been produced at such an attainable and affordable price point.

To achieve that, we are harnessing some of the UK’s best design and engineering expertise to bring the Rapture vision to life. With the help of Innovate UK’s funding, we are on track to make this vision a reality.”

Innovate UK Executive Chair, Dr Ian Campbell, said: “In these difficult times we have seen the best of British business innovation. The pandemic is not just a health emergency but one that impacts society and the economy. CrownCruiser, along with every initiative Innovate UK has supported by this fund is an important step forward in driving sustainable economic development. Each one is also helping to realise the ambitions of hard-working people.”

Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, is investing up to £191 million to fund single and collaborative research and development projects as part of the Sustainable Innovation Fund over the next two years. The aim of these competitions is to help all sectors of the UK rebuild after the effects of COVID-19.

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