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This cross county route is suprisingly quiet with some leafy roads and a Royal Park thrown in for aesthetic purposes.


NITP Ride Breakdown:


0-10miles: Although a dual carriageway, this part of the A30 is quiter than some B roads and has an excellent road surface. Wind your way through Staines town centre, over the bridge and drop into the back of Egham.


Polka Dot Challenge: Prune Hill, 0.8km, 10% max


10-20miles: Once over Prune Hill, cut through the rural Englefield Green and make your way into Windsor Great Park. Be warned, its winding roads and criss-cross roads can make you disorientated. This route channels through a secret community which resemebles something out of the film 'The Village'!


Polka Dot Challenge: Crossroads Climb, Windsor Great Park, 0.3km, 6% max


20-30miles: Spot the mansions on 'who lives in a house like this?' section through Sunninghill and Windlesham! Rejoin the A322 for a short while cutting into Bisley and the MoD grounds, if you hear gun shots, its either one of many shooting ranges capping some lead or, well, just ride faster, you won't want to hang around to find out the other reason!


Maillot Vert Challenge: Queens Rd, Bisley, 2.6km


30-40miles: Apart from the constant sound of gun shots and the odd helicopter hovering around (thats not the TV chopper!), this is another quieter section of the route but one with the highest point. Before looping back round into Pirbright, Frimley Green and Ash Vale has its odd pub and cafe for that needed hot chocolate (and coffee!)


Polka Dot Challenge: Mytchett Pl Road, 0.9km, 14% max


40-50miles: Weaving in between Guildford and Woking, you'll appreciate riding the back roads through Mayford and Pyrford before heading towards the home of Mclaren (you can detour towards the base if you wish but doubt LH would be up for a ride when he has a Formula 1 car parked up!).


Polka Dot Challenge: Church Hill, Pyrford, 0.3km, 7% max


50-60miles: Traffic will become noticely busier but this section will avoid the highstreets and flow you back up to Hampton Court Palace. Look out for Mercedes Benz World and the Brooklands Museum for the tourist hot spots!


Polka Dot Challenge: Brooklands Rd (B374), 1.3km, 8.5% max (double ramp)


60-65miles: Reward yourself with a cruise through Bushy Park, we recommend the Pheasantry Cafe for hot chocolate and other beverages or make your way back towards Bedfont Lakes through the back lanes of Hampton.


Maillot Vert Challenge: Snakey Lane, Feltham, 0.9km