Crocknorth Rd, East Horsley

Oh Crocknorth with your picturesque old bridge and your leafy backdrop, thing is you won't get the chance to enjoy these highlights as you gring your teeth up the 20% section!


We came across this first when we joined local bike shop Sigma Sport on a 'ride with the pro's' ride and the murmur and moaning in the pack when it was announced that Crocknorth was on the route didn't feel me with confidence! Honestly, we was expecting Whitedown but its not as bad. It does however mimic sections of its' companion. 


The only good factor about this climb that there is no sudden changes in gradient, its steep and it stays that way. The entry into the climb is slightly hidden if you are descending down from Green Dene and can be full of gravel so take caution when turning in. The first 40m or so will give you a chance to settle in but once the road starts to bend, the gradient becomes a challenge.


The climb itself in comparison to Surrey's other ascents is short but its a testing climb. Once you see the bridge, you're half way. Once under, you're into the last 50m or so and you can give it the beans if you have any beans left to bake! 


Unfortunately there are no refreshment stops locally as you are literally in the middle of woodlands so you can carry on down to Dorking and stop off at Bikes Direct by Dorking Station where a complimentary coffee awaits as you browse their wide range of cycling gear and products. Or brave the descent back down and head into Effingham to find a local pub! Word of caution, do be extra vigilant on this descent, we have witnessed police closing the road off due to a cyclist falling off on their way down so give yourself enough braking distance before you hit the giveway line at the end of the road.


Crocknorth Rd, East Horsley, KT24


Length: 0.7km


Average Gradient: 9%


Max. Gradient: 18% (computer may say more!)


KOM: 1.53


QOM: 2.22


NITP PB: 3.31


NITP Torture Score: 8/10


NITP Pedal Point: Set your rhythm early as this will help on the final section when you can push full throttle. Once you see the bridge, the worst is over but keep the cadence and head for home once under the bridge. If you want to challenge yourself, push on all the way till the end of Ranmore Common where you can recover on the descent down to Dorking.