Crimp Hill, Egham

If you happen to stumble across this quiet little lane without reading this review, you might get caught up in the woodland landscape, the odd sighting of red kites circling about above you and when that 14% ramp hits you, don't come crying to us!


One of 6 ways up Egham Hill (part of 'Half a Dozen of Eg-Ham') this quiet little lane is an excellent training hill. Not difficult overall but if you have emptied the tank before the final stretch, it'll be a grind home. First section of this climb allows you set up a cadence and rhythm which you can focus on. It is only in the middle section a small kick will present itself which might make you get out of the saddle to keep the cranks ticking over.


The most difficult section is the home straight. As the road bends, if you kick here, you've gone too early. You'll see the road rise again up to its steepest point. Its short enough that you can give it full gas and not worry about conking out. The road surface can be questionable so if the road is quiet, choose your climbing line going up as a smooth route up won't hinder the rpm you're managing to maintain.


Once over the crest, it's game over. You can roll on to enjoy Windsor Great Park or bear left, descend down to the bottom of Egham and find another way up again!

Crimp Hill, Egham SL4


Length: 2.4km


Average Gradient: 2.5%


Max. Gradient: 14.7%


KOM: 4.05


QOM: 4.49


NITP PB: 5.46


NITP Torture Score: 6.5/10


NITP Pedal Point: Head down, pedal hard, its a climb you can lay it all on the line for, just keep a little in the tank for the last ramp, looking ahead and focusing on a smooth line up so your wheels are not bouncing along the rough patches and any divets blocking your way to glory!