Looking to throw yourself into the vibrant world of cycling? Bored of your routes and looking to mix it up with the big boys and girls? Not sure what nutrition, apparel and tech' that will take you to the next level? Have you come to the right place? Course you have! We love all this stuff!


Throughout the site, you will find interesting, intriguing and inspiring blogs of challenges and mishaps of the past and future! With a band of fellow lycra loving cycling buddies, we will put you in the right direction if you want to know a good route to explore and a variety of hills to conquer. If you are looking for specific hills to challenge yourself on or wanting to mix up your routes, this is the place to be! Our routes include KOM, Maillot Vert and TT challenges to keep you motivated throughout your cycling adventure! These mini challenges are linked to our Strava club where you can brag or hide away depending on what the PB leaderboard says! Our hill reviews include an interactive veloviewer graphic as well as our very own personal take on the climb itself (not always happy reading!)


We are also here to review products, cycling apparel, fitness regimes and apps to help you on your own cycling journey.  Also, from time to time, we will be posting videos of our rides and routes via our YouTube channel! Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries or have a challenge for us to pursue!