Combe Lane,


Whitedown's annoying neighbour, a slog of a climb which doesn't peak till the end which means there no respite on this climb, just you, the road and the hairpin from hell!


Situated just opposite the quiet town of Shere off the a25, this is a gritty climb with the gradient inching its way up to the max which according to veloviewer and strava, is a wincing 28%. We believe this is found in the hairpin on the last section of the climb so if you're feeling a bit whimpish, don't take the inside of the corner although if you find a vehicle or a fellow rider passing you on the other side, you might have to take the corner at its most harshest!


Like most climbs, its easy to go too hard too soon. This climb won't let you. Average gradient of 7% means its a committed climb throughout. Road surface is fine, its the mental battle of keeping a decent cadence especially as you'll see others fly down the descent as you knuckle down on the handlebars! 


Once you hit the hairpin, its a straight but short ramp up to the top. From there you can choose to collapse on the road side, head down Staple Lane with a refreshment stop at Allez Nutrition (lovely mobile van with all sorts!) or make your way down to another steep Surrey climb: Crocknorth Rd!


Combe Lane, Shere, GU5


Length: 1.5km


Average Gradient: 7%


Max. Gradient: 19% (in the hairpin)


KOM: 3.23


QOM: 4.21


NIPT PB: 6.36


NITP Torture Score: 8/10


NITP Pedal Point: It's all about the hairpin. As you can see from the graphic, it will catch you out if you're already pedalling squares. If it's safe to do so, give yourself a wider berth to take the edge off the gradient and then attack the ramp, its short so that burst of energy will see you through otherwise, you'll be rolling back down to the start!