Coldharbour Lane,


Another member of the Leith Hill Octopus, treat this one with a little bit of respect. She doesn't show her gems until you're in the woods and if you haven't prepared yourself to dig deep on her walls of shame, then shame on you! 

Our very first time up this made me cough up a little bit of blood and the hammer that did it was the first 'wall' you see when the trees start to close you in for the journey to the summit. Even once you conquered this section, it presents you another nasty wall to get over. The lane itself is very picturesque, you forget the noises of the city or bustling towns you've passed through to get this point and immerse yourself in its leafy charm. The honeymoon soon turns into a divorce when this climb dips in and out of its gradient just to disrupt any rhythm you've allowed yourself to maintain.

This road in the winter can get really grimey but for a summer climb, it does make you feel you're in a different world. Some parts of the road can become narrow with cars squeezing through so just keep your wits about you. Once the trees release you back into the world, you'll find nicely nestled a great little pub called The Plough, popular with walkers and the MTB crew. 

Now, you're not at the top of Leith here so you've got a decision to make;

a/keep going to the very top and descend down to Whitedown

b/stop for a pint

c/roll back down and climb it again

And no, you can't ring a friend, 50/50 or ask the audience!

Coldharbour Lane, Dorking, RH4


Length: 3.1km


Average Gradient: 4.6%


Max. Gradient: 17% 


KOM: 6.00


QOM: 8.10


NITP PB: 11.16


NITP Torture Score: 8/10


NITP Pedal Point: Get over the two main kicks and you can enjoy your surroundings with a little more pleasure. First wall can catch you out as the second steep section comes quite soon after as you can see from the graph. Build yourself up to this point by focusing up a good cadence on the gentle rise up to the start and then smash it!