cob lane, ardingly

'So I found a hill we can detour to on our way down to Brighton, it's steep but there's a downhill run to it too...did I mention it was quite steep?!". These were the words of our good pal Chris Detsicas who if given the opportunity, would just keep cycling up gradients 'till there was no more left to conquer! We hate you for this one mate! Chris' recon was courtesy of the data supplied by the every reliable Veloviewer and seeing from the sheer redness below, it was Christmas for Chris which meant it would be torture for us. 

Situated not far from Turners Hill, we have never faced a wall like this before. The roll down (which is a little mucky so even if you wanted to get speed into it, you had to be careful) bring you directly with one of the steepest beginnings we've ever faced. I had prepared before hand on the short descent and threw into the small ring (luckily, we had changed our set up to a 32-11 which we are so thankful for!). The front of the bike became so light, we really felt we were going to tip back. I could hear the clunks in the changing of the gears upfront from Sam and Chris but they are better climbing than us. so they sped off. Our mindset is always to have the legs to get up rather than give it all at once.

Looking down at the Garmin, we are barely reaching 4-5mph at times and although short, the gradient is constant and just doesn't let up. The trees begin to clear to some daylight and the hill rolls off onto the junction of the main road. As you can see from the photo, there are warning signs of 20% going down. This is one climb we will not be back in a hurry to conquer again!


Cob Lane, Ardingly, RH17


Length: 0.3km


Average Gradient: 16.4%


Max. Gradient: 34% (apparently!)


KOM: 1.01


QOM: 1.51


NIPT PB: 2.25


NITP Torture Score: 9.5/10


NITP Pedal Point: If it was longer, it would be a solid 10 difficulty! But if your pain threshold can last a couple of minutes, you'll get through this. The 'wall' hits you quickly so getting in the right gear is paramount otherwise you're grinding to a halt. There's no real markers to aim for, just the light at the end of the tunnel!