chris detsicas

red bull timelaps

by notinthepeloton

Tuesday 10th October 2017

It's coming up fast. The Red Bull Timelaps, taking place in Windsor Great Park on the 28th-29th October, was on our to do list as soon as it was created. We've entered a team and to introduce you to our warriors for the 25hr event, we thought we'd throw together some questions so you can get to know the rider behind the bike. First up, it's Chris Detsicas. This guy literally breathes cycling, he hasn't been cycling for long but he's taught us a thing or two about maintenance and when it comes to riding. we question why he's not already racing!


The wait is nearly over. Are you ready to ride for 25hrs (there’s no rule saying one rider can’t do all of it!) ?

Woah! You never mentioned I would be riding the entire time! It would certainly require a different level of strategy to survive such a length of time. Just reading about 24 hour time trials before has made me wince, let alone a whole extra hour!

Jokes aside, what made you decide to throw yourself at the Timelaps?

Overall, I think it will make for a fun weekend on the bike - something different to the usual Surrey and Berkshire rides I usually fill my weekends with. It’s always good to have some sort of challenge as well – this event will not just be physical, it’ll require a fair amount of strategy too!

Apart from spending basically a day with us, is there anything that scares you about this race?

Yeah – I’ll probably be listening to your whines about how they added Breakheart Hill into the course! The only scary thing I could put a finger on is eating tarmac. There’s always a little bit of nervous worry in the back of the mind in a high octane group situation. With any luck the Royal Parks will have removed or ‘smoothed’ the two speed mountains bumps on the hill too.

So what’s your personal racing strategy going to be? 100% full on smash? Find someone’s wheel to suck? Or lead the way and be the breakaway?

Purely guesswork but I’d imagine it will make most sense to be in a group rather than going solo. If the group is going a slightly lower pace than I want then I’m unlikely to make any real gains by breaking away solo. In terms of effort levels I’ll aim to put in the max I can sustain for the length of each shift. The recovery time should help. The hill will prove a good test… it’s easy to smash up such a short hill but you could be paying for it later on.

Will this be the most challenging ride you’ve ever faced or do you feel well prepared for this race?

Hmm… Yes. It will be! My previous most challenging ride was probably a 10.5 mile time trial as part of a relay triathlon. I made the mistake of going out too hard and likely paying for it in the final few laps. I averaged 200bpm each lap… I’m hoping for a little lower during the timelaps! Preparation wise – recently my form has felt less than the Spring but I’m used to the longer rides so not too worried. Strategy will be challenging – managing effort levels, choosing the right groups, and even managing recovery during the rest breaks.

What do you think of your team mates? Can you give us a lowdown on each rider?

Bit of a mixed bag really! We’ve got Ben who we’ll be restricting to his best-form diet – Mars bars and roast dinners. Sam – well he’s the only one that actively races so we’ll be looking for him for strategical tips! Ali – probably squabbling with Ben on Twitter during his laps!

Do you think this race will set off a love for ultra-endurance rides or will this event be stuck on the palmares and left there?

Time will tell! I’ve always been fond of the longer rides and while in mileage this might not equate to super amounts the time investment will. I’ve always been fond of the idea of some of the ultra-long audax rides or multi-day events. Perhaps I’ll gain a few ideas for next year!   

Finally, how are you going to keep yourself entertained/focused when you’re not racing? Netflix or is it late night poker with rival teams?

I have a little suspicion I could be tasked with any number of mechanical jobs that arise within the team! It will be nice to get a chance to rest the legs, grab some grub and compare tactics with the other riders around. Let’s hope for good weather!