cervÉlo tdf paint scheme

Sunday 7th July 2019

When it comes to 'marginal gains', you'd think of ways to produce more watts or become more aero'. One focus most racing cyclists attend to is the issue of weight on their bike. We used to be told that the first thing you should upgrade when it comes to keeping the grams down is to change the wheels. Cervélo though seem to think that to save the g's, the answer lies in the paint. Well if Team Sunweb finish on the podium at the end of le Tour, who then can argue?!...

At Cervélo, our approach is much like that of the "garagistes" of F1 in the 1960s. "Test it on Monday and race it on Sunday" is a way of life for our engineers. They are always searching out ways to better their last efforts.

With Team Sunweb's motto being "Keep Challenging", there is harmony between the attitude of the team and the approach of Cervélo. Collectively, we looked at what we could do for the Tour to increase our chances. Silverstone Paint Technology (SPT), well-known experts in coating and paint technology were called upon once again and duly rose to the occasion to elevate a bicycle paint scheme from just something to look at, to a decided advantage in the peloton.

Mark Turner, Co-Founder, and CEO at SPT has two decades worth of experience working in and around Formula One, starting before he'd even left school at Jordan Grand Prix. He explained to us how he and his team of engineers were able to reduce the weight of the production paint scheme.

"Like Cervélo, our focus and commitment at SPT are on impactful design and leading-edge engineering", said Mark. "We're excited to be continuing our collaboration with Cervélo and Team Sunweb for the 2019 Tour De France. Calling on our vast F1 and elite sport experience, the team here at SPT HQ were able to bring the latest paint technology to Cervélo, ensuring striking visuals while delivering a 17.8% reduction to the total painted frame and fork mass.”

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