cervÉlo ÀSPERO

Thursday 18th July 2019

Gravel. Cross. Off-road. Whatever you want to call it, the movement for the rough stuff is continuing to gain momentum especially in the off-season. Racing powerhouse Cervélo have released this week the Àspero. O. M. G!

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A new breed of rider is emerging—one who loves the freedom and exploration that gravel culture was founded upon but who has a hunger to ride wild, to go full bore, and to explore not just geography but personal limits. This frontier requires a new kind of gravel machine, one engineered not to roam the trails, but to slay them.

For these athletes, we created a machine engineered for pure, unapologetic speed, ready to take down finish lines, KOM leaderboards, PR’s, and FKT’s. A single bike that first generates maximum speed and then second controls that speed across the variable conditions gravel athletes must conquer. A machine built without limits, for the riders willing to test them.

Áspero Amplifies

Maximize power and velocity with aggressively optimized frame material and geometry. Cervélo has stripped down a racing frame to outperform traditionally over-built hauling frames.

It's time to change the paradigm of gravel bike design from hauling gear slowly to empowering athletes quickly. Leveraging vast knowledge from road racing, the Áspero frame is designed with world tour stiffness for greater pedal power transfer, using less and lighter material to aid climbing and accelerating, while maximizing speeds with aerodynamic shapes critical to efficiency at speed. Road racing inspired. Gravel racing refined.

Áspero Adapts

Bike adjusts to different wheel/tire combinations to maximize control. Cervélo has been preaching about trail for years. This bike puts it at the forefront for breakthrough handling. “Trail” -  Front wheel response to rider input -  is the most critical factor in high velocity handling.

Different outside rolling diameters of various wheel and tire combinations affect the handling geometry of the frame. If the tire size is altered without acknowledging the effect on trail, the result is wild swings in handling - faster or slower - from the design basis trail value, which is problematic for high-speed control. With our 2-position adjustable front dropout, called the TrailMixer, Áspero adapts to ensure that various wheel and tire combinations work in harmony with the design geometry for optimum handling. Now athletes can choose the fastest wheel/tire combination for the day’s conditions and never sacrifice essential high-speed control, allowing them to push for their personal best


Unpredictable conditions. Predictable control

Bike adjusts to different wheel/tire combinations to maximize control. The ability to adjust trail with the two-position "TrailMixer" to compensate for the extreme range of tire sizes ensures a uniform ride experience. We engineered the bike to fit most 700x42 or 650bx49 tire/wheel combos, comfortably.