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by notinthepeloton

Monday 2nd March 2020

Oh chafing! It can make or break your ride, the feeling of indescribable soreness and the wincing every time you raise your legs for another pedal stroke. We are a constant user of chamois cream, we just can't run the risk of sores or rashes. Greg Whyte OBE has trained a whole range of people from professional athletes to celebrities across a multitude of sports so he is someone who is fully aware of the importance of preparation and looking after your body. He has partnered up with Bullet & Bone to create an anti-chafing cream so we thought we would see what the 'craic' is all about...!

Hi Greg, thank you for taking the time out to talk to us about…well…er chafing! Do you find it’s a ‘sore’ subject to discuss in the sports and fitness industry?


Hindsight is a wonderful thing and chafing is only really respected by those who’ve suffered from it. But, you don’t need to experience it to believe it. It’s the one preventable problem that will change your experience and enjoyment of a sport.


We will jump straight into this question, your worst moment of chafing in your career? We’ve had a couple where it was one of those ‘bum doesn’t touch the saddle’ kind of rides!


Without a doubt the Race Across America (dubbed the world’s toughest bike race). Mid-way into the race there was continuous, heavy thunderstorms for 18 hours. Water and chamois is the worst combination and in order to overcome it I taped the groin area with zinc oxide (essentially creating a medical grade sticky tape). This was a key turning point to realising how important chafing, or anti-chafing is!


You’ve worked with Bullet & Bone to create a new anti-chafe cream. We are a regular user of Muc-Off’s chamois cream, how would you convert us to using your creation?


A lot of the focus on chamois creams is the anti-friction element, but anti-chafe creams should be much more than that. They need to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory which the Bullet & Bone Protect & Care Anti-Chafe cream is, as well as being packed with functional, natural ingredients to maximise performance and improve recovery.  


Do you feel chafing and saddle sores especially in cycling is respected by athletes you work with or do some dismiss it and not prepare for the pain they’re risking?


There’s a lot of focus on obvious health concerns, such as preventing colds etc, but the largest organ in the body – the skin – is frequently forgotten about. The environmental impact from the weather on skin, and the areas prone to chafing, are instrumental to cycling performance and making those all-important marginal gains.


What would be your top non-cream chafing tip? Ours is decent padding and the right sizing, find this makes or breaks our rides.

You’re right, the best padded shorts are crucial. But secondary is making sure shorts are clean and regularly washed, like after every ride! Crucial is that the shorts are fully dried and never worn whilst damp.


You’ve trained professional athletes and celebrities on a range of sports and endurance challenges. What would be the terrain or sport you’d find chafing most common in? Have you had some athletes/celebrities throw the towel in because of this?


I’ve never had an athlete throw in the towel. It’s all about the preparation. Chafing occurs when the area gets moist so that can be down to the external environment i.e. water when swimming, weather conditions or the internal environment, essentially sweat. Any endurance sport which means repeating the same movement over and over again risks chafing as the pressure focuses on a small area. Swimming is notorious for it.


Do you find certain chamois/chafing cream brands only work well for certain sports and activities or does it pay to research and test a range of brands for your chosen sport?


For all sports you’re looking for the best friction-reduction. But, with friction comes inflammation and sores which can lead to bacteria production and infection. So, like we mentioned earlier, it’s essential to cover all bases with a cream that’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial as well as anti-friction. There’s also a term in the industry known as ‘double-dipping’ which means several sports professionals using the same tub of chamois cream. The Bullet & Bone Anti-Chafe cream comes in an easy-dispense tube to prevent cross-infection.

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Final question and off the topic of chafing (need a break!), what’s in store for 2020? Taking a group of Love Islanders around the coast of Britain? Cast of Eastenders and Coronation Street battle of in a walkathon?!


I’ve just returned from breaking the world record on the 777 (seven marathons in seven continents in seven days) challenge. As well as breaking the world record for doing the challenge in the fastest time – 81 hours and 38 minutes – we also broke the world record for the fastest time to touch down on seven continents. In temperatures ranging from -15 to +30 degrees and 10% to 90% humidity, it was probably the biggest test for the Anti-Chafe cream. I’m pleased to report that, even after over 81 hours, there weren’t any areas affected by chafing!  


Next on the agenda is the London Marathon, which I’m currently helping a couple of famous faces train for.


Thank you for your time and we hope we don’t see you this on TV walking a bit gingerly because we will all know why!


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