Broomehall Road, Dorking

One of 8 ways you can get to the so-called highest point in South East England (all because the tower makes it so!), this is not high up on in that list but the false flats and open countryside makes it a tricky little ascent...


Found off Ockley, this is an undulating climb which messes with your mind and bike with what gear to be in half the time! Begins with a little run down to the proper start to the climb but if you catch a head wind on your attempt, you have our sympathy. You don't get many exposed climbs around Surrey, parts of Box Hill can catch you with some cross winds, but most climbs in the area are protected by the woods.


The main hazard we have come across on this hill is the sudden barking you get from the local farm dogs which made us wobble especially when you notice the drooling and the smell of rabies making its way through the trees! The climb itself is a constant drag up and will kick at some points although the reported max of 24% is questionable, if you turn off at the church at the end of Broomehall, then you'll see a sharp rise in gradient but for about 20m.


Road surface overall is acceptable despite it being a single lane country lane. In winter, it can get mucky and you will find a trail of mud and grime in the centre where the cars have made their tracks. Thankfully there is a nicely nestled pub in Coldharbour if you carry on past the church. From there on, you can descend down to Dorking or turn around and go searching for the other 7 ways up Leith. Feeling brave, take on the Octopus Challenge by climbing all 8 in one ride!

Broomehall Rd, Dorking, RH5


Length: 2.7km


Average Gradient: 4.3%


Max. Gradient: 12.6% 


KOM: 5.30


QOM: 7.19


NITP PB: 10.07

NITP Torture Score: 7.5/10


NITP Pedal Point: It's all about the false flats. As you can see from the Veloviewer graph, it has its sections which look easy but with a headwind and no cover, this climb can frustrate you. If you are aiming for the peak of Leith, don't forget the very small kick by the church and the undulating pot hole ridden earthquake affected road which runs past the Windy Gap car park.