Britwell Hill, Watlington

There's no hiding from this one, it shows itself in plain sight but the pre-warning is not enough prep' tackling the tail of this nasty little countryside climb!

Situated in the North West region of the Chilterns, on the Summers day that we climbed it, the scenery accompanying the climb was impressive. You think the flowing meadows lining the way up are swaying in the wind, their not! They are actually sniggering because as the road bends just slightly, you're hit with its trump card. From afar, it doesn't look bad but it kicks into the double figures on the gradient and stays there till you hit the crest.

We compared it to Staple Lane as we grinded our way up but this has one kick rather than a few ramps. There is a little slope that rolls you into this section so timed well, you can carry a little speed into the main course of this terror.

As you can see from the photos, it even took a 'Chris Froome' running attempt to conquer it! 

Britwell Hill, Watlington, OX49


Length: 0.9km


Average Gradient: 9.5%


Max. Gradient: 17%


KOM: 2.19


QOM: 3.09


NITP PB: 10.25* we stopped before the end of the actual segment to help a friend!


NITP Torture Score: 8/10


NITP Pedal Point: Brace yourself, its steeper than it looks. You can see it coming and its also longer than it looks. The slope into it may help but just be wary of your gearing as you could be pushing squares sooner than you anticipated. There's no hidden summit so see the crest, aim for it, conquer it.