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Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Who doesn't love a quiz? It usually gets a bit competitive and heated around Xmas time when Trivial Pursuit comes out at NITP HQ! Brainy Bikers have spotted a gap in the market and have created some fun and challenging packs to test how well you know your cycling legends to your cycling mishaps! Wonder if any of our 'incident's are in there?! But that's not all. Got a blank wall in the house that needs some vibrancy? Take a look at some of their prints too. Oh, once we hit 4k on Twitter, Brainy Bikers have kindly offered to giveaway some packs to some loyal followers...!

Brainy Bikers is a new brand in the cycling world. They specialise in fun, well-designed, knowledge-based cycling products. And, they’ve just released some new games and posters for 2021. ‘Taking the two elements of our brand name - brainy and biker - we look at developing new, attractive products that are based on some kind of cycling knowledge,’ says one half of Brainy Bikers, Eoghan (pronounced as ‘Owen’)..


‘Both of us at Brainy Bikers are keen cyclists. We met on a club ride a few years back. We’re also both a bit nerdy about cycling. Combining our nerdiness with our backgrounds in graphic design and marketing, Brainy Bikers was born.’


When the first lockdown hit in 2020, the duo ran a few zoom quizzes. ‘We saw the need for cyclists to connect with their friends over what we’re all passionate about, cycling,’ says Peter, the right brain to Eoghan’s left brain. ‘2020 was a tough year for everyone. We were really happy to be able to run the quizzes, bring people together and keep people interested in cycling. We’re hoping for better days ahead when people can get together in person and have some laughs over a quiz.’


Eoghan laughs over their second set of products to come to market, posters. ‘We’re clearly keen to keep people on their bikes - we’ve designed products to keep people motivated! Our posters are fun and motivating.’

Card Games

Brainy Bikers release three attractive new card games. The three titles are Tour de France, Cycling Mishaps and Famous Cyclists. Each game has 140 accurately-researched questions. These games make the perfect gift for any cyclist from beginner to long-time cyclist. Players are quizzed on history, historical events, general knowledge, famous Cols, cycling’s most famous ego’s, the dark side of cycling and the silly things that happen when on two wheels.


The Brainy Bikers’ team included questions on women’s cycling in the Mishaps and Famous Cyclists card games. ‘There’s as much happening in women’s cycling. There are some amazing stories that people already know. If not, they will after a round of Brainy Bikers!’ Says Peter. The decks are enjoyable to read on your own passing the time. Or, run quizzes on zoom or whenever we’re all allowed to get back together again. If we ever get back to events and travelling, these games are perfect for a long drive or over a few beers at night.


Decks are £9.99 for a single deck of cards or £24.99 for all three.


‘Everyone needs a little inspiration to get on the bike or stay on the bike.’ Eoghan tells us. ‘For the life of me, I cannot get on the turbo. It’s hot, there’s no one to talk to and nothing to look at. Most of my friends have their indoor training set up in a corner in their gym or in the conservatory.’ Eoghan continues.


The Brainy Bikers thought that by putting together some posters, cyclists could bring some design aesthetic and motivation to their turbos. ‘None of us are Rocky training in some spartan gym. We deserve a little design and colour!’


The posters are based on quotations from some of the most famous cyclists and are humorous, inane and inspiring. And, are available in multiple colours. ‘Secretly, the posters remind me of Andy Warhol's Electric Chair prints. Many collectors collected the prints in different colours and arranged them together. When they’re hung together, they become an even bigger art installation. Our posters, because they have similar design dimensions, but come in different colours too can be hung the same way. Alone, it’s going to look cool. But, three to six together, just looks great.’


The posters are available for 14.99.


If you run a shop and want to sell Brainy Bikers’ products, email the team at


Brainy Bikers is also building its social media presence. Challenging, entertaining and insightful questions and answers are the way to go. Follow Brainy Bikers and finally learn something when browsing Facebook or Instagram!