Box Hill, Mickleham

I doubt this hill needs any introduction these days, it's X Factor moment in the Olympics did enough to breed a new specie of 'tourist cyclist', those who want to to tick off on their palmares this now famous Zig Zag Road!


Resurfaced before the games, the tarmac is excellent. It is broken up by a few speed humps but they are not too harsh to disrupt the cadence. Averaging 5% it momentarily kicks in the 'alpine' bends but very achievebale for all rider types. Weekends are very busy with riders so do check your surroundings if you need to overtake especially as drivers can become a little impatitent too!


For refreshments, at the bottom try Rykers for the greasy stuff or the National Trust Cafe at the top for the view and cake. 


Box Hill, Mickleham, Surrey, KT20


Length: 2.2km


Average Gradient: 5%


Max. Gradient: 11%


KOM: 4.24


QOM: 5.20


NITP PB: 6.47


NITP Torture Score: 7/10


NITP Pedal Point: It's easy to fool yourself by pushing too hard too early for a PB, the surface puts you in a false pretence. A high gear is easily achievable but reserve energy to push once the trees enclose you in again after the 2nd hairpin. Target other riders infront of you as pace markers but watch out for the whippets who bomb up, they're doing that for a reason!