Monday 26th March 2018

Chile. Known for Alexis Sanchez (footballer if you don't follow!) and one of the most unforgiving terrains on Earth (we haven't been but we've heard!) in the form of the Atacama Desert. Throw in a bike, a woman craving for adventure and one of the most versatile outdoor bags on the market (this we can back up as we have reviewed it - the Osprey Escapist range!) and you have one hell of a journey!

“Beyond Trails: Atacama” follows Lorraine Blancher and Robin Munshaw as they embark on a human powered, multi-day bikepacking expedition through unmapped trails and canyons in the Atacama Desert in Northern Chile. The Atacama Desert, known to be the driest non-polar region on earth, is a barren and inhospitable place scattered with wild trails and historic salt trade routes created by earlier civilizations.


“Every new trail you travel on or off the beaten path brings uncertainty,” said Blancher. “Riding bikes in a place like this forces you to pay attention to the terrain, listen closely to suggestions on how to move through it.”


The film premiered at the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival last month:

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