Beech Avenue, Effingham

The smoothest road surface you can find, nature's own tunnel of trees, consistent gradient, whats not to love about this climb?! 

This climb is bliss defined. In terms of climbing, its a beginners climb, you never have to get out of your seat. This is a climb you can sit back at just take in the canopy above you (obviously look at the road now and then!). This climb comes in 2 parts; first section is an ultra smooth winding road which is a lot of fun to descend. The second section comes after a short roll downhill so you can use the momentum to push the pace further. 

There's no serious kicks to worry about, just a cruise of a climb to ease you into the Surrey hills. Traffic is usually quite quiet so you can just focus on your cadence and soak yourself into this gem of a hill. If you're looking for a tougher ascent, try its neighbours High Barn Rd and Hodgen Lane.

Beech Avenue, Effingham, KT24


Length: 3.3km


Average Gradient: 2.7%


Max. Gradient: 8%


KOM: 5.38


QOM: 6.32


NITP PB: 8.09


NITP Torture Score: 5/10


NITP Pedal Point: Don't say this normally with the hill reviews but from the start, give it your all. Use the short descent to rest the legs than use the speed from the downhill section as momentum to throw you into the latter part of the climb. It's really that simple. Otherwise just cruise up and enjoy our favourite climb of the Surrey Hills.