Barhatch Lane, Cranleigh

We regard this as the evil sister of Whitedown, the ugly one who likes to steal your pocket money and snitch on you to your parents! She can do one!


Set around the corner of Cranleigh, it is surrounded by leafy lanes and if you accidently stumble across this before any recon, strap yourself in for some serious next level steepness! The sign warns you of a 21% gradient, if you believe the Garmin/Wahoo, be prepared to see 30% flash up!


This road has been used as a climb in the Tour of Britain before and will lead you onto other climbs in the area such as Leith Hill and Holmbury Hill. Do not underestimate this hill, it will constantly kick in gradient and the final ramp will sap any energy level you have left.  If you struggle on these type of climbs, kriss-kross across the road (check for safety first) to take the edge of the gradient.


Fo refreshments, Cranleigh town has a bundle of cafe stops or enjoy the descent down Houndhouse Lane to Shere for a well deserved beer at the William Bray. 


Barhatch Lane, Cranleigh, GU6


Length: 2.5km


Average Gradient: 6%


Max. Gradient: 21%


KOM: 6.29


QOM: 8.50


NITP PB: 11.10

NITP Torture Score: 10/10


NITP Pedal Point: If you just want to get over this killer of a climb, try not to give everything on each ramp, save some for the final kick, stopping on this gradient you will struggle to get going again. If you are looking for a challenge, our good pal Ali ascended this 6 times in one ride, we dare you to do better!