Osprey Transporter  -

Osprey are usually showing off how many compartments and hidden pockets they can fit into their bags. Not with the Transporter which has so much depth, fall in and you will be transported somewhere else!


361 Strata-4  -

Looking for a new pair of running shoes? Well, we haven't been in the right state to test a pair out so we asked our good pal and keen 10k runner Peter Palmer to give 361 a review...


On: Cloud  -

Your trainer collection looking a little rusty? ON have the Cloud range to freshen things up, a sleek tech looking design with the purpose of fitting into your daily wear when off the bike...

built for athletes1.jpg


Looking for a bag to carry your gym clothes and your fridge?! No lie, the depth and space Built For Athletes gives you, you'll be challenged to find what you can't fit inside!!!



A brand which uses coffee beans to make clothes?! Our interest definitely peaked!


stance socks

If like us your sock game is more Tetris than Pokemon Go and are stuck in the dark ages when it comes to socks, Stance have a wide range of cuts and designs to suit whatever type of cyclist you need to be...


craft essence

We've been poked at for wearing matching gear a few times but as long as it keeps you riding, who cares right?! Craft sent over a jersey from their essence range for our rider of the day from The One v4.0, Sarah Whitehead, to wear..


kymira pro2

Energy conversion and efficiency is one area of performance technology that sports scientists still haven't mastered but Kymira claim to have produced the materials to turn our waste energy into a enhancement allowing us to ride faster and longer...

osprey escapist.jpg

osprey radial

Looking for the commuting bag that can do it all? Osprey may have designed the one, the one which will stand on it's own by itself and has hidden compartments which will open doors to Narnia and beyond...!


proviz sportive

Proviz are relatively known for their night wear and we're not talking pyjamas! They've released a bold sportive range, is it race ready or just commuter friendly?...

castelli diluvio

iffley road

Road Biking


maui jim

osprey radial.jpg

osprey escapist



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