ali mcqueen

red bull timelaps

by notinthepeloton

Saturday 21st October 2017

It's coming up fast. The Red Bull Timelaps, taking place in Windsor Great Park on the 28th-29th October, was on our to do list as soon as it was created. We've entered a team and to introduce you to our warriors for the 25hr event, we thought we'd throw together some questions so you can get to know the rider behind the bike. Our penultimate interview comes for our long term cycling buddy. We have enjoyed many adventures with this young man and for all his sarcasm and bad timekeeping, he's one hell of a rider. Ladies (just the ladies!) we introduce to you Alistair McQueen.


Chris and Sam have both passed the buck to you….are YOU ready to ride for 25hrs?!

Firstly, thanks for the opportunity to explain myself before the big event. I'm pretty sure the team think Lightening McQueen is a figure of your imagination! 

Let’s get serious, we know you love a chase so are you the one who’s going to bring the peloton back together or you going to apply patience and wait for the right moments to breakaway?

The team for the event is strong, I will turn up on the day strong and ready. I have the 100 mile mark once this year but a few factors have gone into why my cycling has been off, new job, busy London social calendar. I don't find myself in the countryside anymore, although between us it won't be long before I'll be moving back! 

Apart from spending basically a day with us, is there anything that scares you about this race?

Nothing scares me, perhaps spending another whole day in your company! I don't do these events enough and it's always the same feeling after of accomplishment and "ahh, need to do his more often". Depending on our race strategy (still waiting for Mr Brailsford to send it), I'm comfortable with how it will go! Going to be exciting. 


You’re quite an avid health and fitness fan. What type of training and intensity have you been applying in the gym to prepare for this race?

So my theory behind training is this, I can apply a decent amount of watts for 60 minutes, I've worked on my transition speed from bike to sofa, crack open a lucozade and settling into a Ken Blanchard 'the one minute manager' series of books. Another hour passes I'll get my chef gear on and cook up some spicy food. I hit that last hour on the foam roller whilst listening to whale music to get me in the right frame of mind, 30 minutes before my final transition onto the bike for my next high intensity interval. BOOM! Ready. Do you see how my interval training is in tune with how the weekend will plan out? I call it SMART training, no need to cycle 100+ miles. It's 7k laps before we change over each hour (pending brailsford plan).

Will this be the most challenging ride you’ve ever faced or do you feel well prepared for this event?

I think you'll agree with me that this is a treat challenge but not the most demanding, cycling 143miles and hitting the wall with only a chip butty to save us is been ranked up there. But nothing worse than my time at uni completing a ramp test, where my mates would eagerly wait for me to throw up or pass out at which point they would stop. I crave hitting my upper limits, it doesn't scare me. I'm a warrior at heart, will always rise to any challenge. 

Sam and Chris have given us their thoughts on what they think of us, but what do you think of your team mates?

My team mates are head strong and physically ready for this race. Riding with 2 whizz kids (clearly adults but whizz adults doesn't work) and one guy with his legs the size of an oak tree, much is left to be said about his bike! Complete confidence in the team and looking forward to being side by side for 25 hours sharing jokes, humour and getting down to some serious racing. 

You’re not a stranger to endurance. It was with you that we cycled a mammoth 143 miles fuelled on fish and chips! Do you think this race will start a new trend for you in participating in endurance based events?

I've always wanted to get into some form of power cycling, whether that be track or TT, just not managed that transition yet. I don't think I'll be relying on endurance as much as I will my power element. If we get it right, good change overs and admit when pace is dropping off and change over we should hold strong and give a competitive account of ourselves. I will be venturing back into rowing next year as I'll be living in Putney. I just need to make my mind up and stick to it. Love cycling but what discipline suits me best? 

Finally, how are you going to keep yourself entertained/focused when you’re not racing? Can we expect a Twitter gif war or you will you be searching around for a dog to play with?!

It's going to be a long night, I'll have my books and radio to relax. I'm generally good at self entertainment and will look to have a good laugh with others. If I need to be Mr Motivator I can turn that on quite easily. I like to be DJ from time to time, blaring out Sam Smith and Adele will be enough to dampen the mood. If you can bring Parker (notinthepeloton's sister-in-law's dog!) for moral support I'll be thankful. 

Just a side note for the team, Ive been absent from the big rides, I'm a warrior at heart and will bring my A game to the event. People depend on my performance and I'm not one to not give my all for others. I'll put in an outstanding performance! 


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