ADUNa energy bars

£4.99 x3

via Aduna

You can't really get away from being 100% natural these days, there is endless choice in most products especially energy bars. We have reviewed a few natural food brands in the past so we know what to expect in terms of texture and flavours. So what does Aduna bars have the rest haven't? We ate them to find out!

Banana Boost with Baobab Superfruit


In Aduna's superfood energy bar range, there are 6 flavours to choose from. We were sent 3 for our taste buds to try out starting with the Banana Boost bar. When it comes to nutrition on rides, we've gotten away from gels and anything super sugary as we personally don't find any benefits in them. They have their place if you're about to bonk but we've learnt something more substantial is better for us when riding. Taste too is an issue with gels, some are quite sickly and once we've had one flavour, it's hard to stomach another flavour.

We hadn't touched any of our bikes for a couple of weeks and we had planned a short ride with Chris and Sam but they don't exactly hang around these days. So we decided to take one of the Adunas on for the ride. We are a bit picky when it comes to packaging these days. We have to get away of single use plastics because it just ends up in landfill with no purpose apart from just slowly rotting there. We try to refrain from name dropping as we like to focus on the brand at hand but Veloforte have the right idea by using paper and foil to wrap their cake bars in, would love to see Aduna adopt that approach too.

So we had to look up what Baobab is. The fruit is from it's namesake tree and is very rich in nutrients, so much so that's it has been given that 'superfood' label by the media. What we can tell you that it balances out the sweetness of the banana with a slight tartness, the bar feels very natural. We usually avoid banana based bars as they are usually quite sweet and it's not so much different here although the Baobab takes the sting out of it.


Choc-Orange Burst


Oh choccy choccy! It can be a weak spot for us but honestly, we can take it or leave it when it comes to chocolate but for the sake of this review, we will put our principles aside! We decided to take this one along with us to Castelwellan Forest Park on our MTB adventure, only appropriate to take something natural back to nature and OMG! The flavour of this one though. A gorgeous blend of chocolate and orange hitting the spot. You can tell there's a plant texture to these bars (vegan friendly by the way) which we don't mind just as long as the flavours are strong otherwise it does feel like you're just eating a bale of hay. 


Berry Bite


Do you remember the Fruitella sweets? We loved the strawberry ones, we would deliberately leave these to the end and smash our way through the lesser flavours although there was one which we pushed to the 'save the best for last' consumption and that was the blackcurrant one. The Berry Bite reminded us a lot of that although this bar was full of raspberries with a dash of Hibiscus flower (we couldn't tell you what this specifically tastes like because the raspberries were dominant here!). We ate this at a time when we were a little weak in the legs after a hot lap and a full out sprint (on our own we may add!) so needed something to carry the legs round for a few more laps. Good thing about these bars is that they're not stodgy and not sickly, you really do feel you're putting something good in your body and you know exactly what that is too.




You're missing a trick if you haven't jumped ship already and onto the natural flotilla of all natural energy bars. You honestly feel better for them ethically as well as nutritionally. The flavours of the Aduna bars are probably their strongest pull, you can often be left with a grass like after taste (that could just be us!). Price is reasonable and you get a lot of nutrition for your buck, plenty of fibre with a few superfoods thrown in. Will it make you ride like a Superman or Superwoman?! Aduna-know!...Cue that tumbleweed!