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If your dream was to be a prince or a princess, this is the ride for you! Taking in some Royal grounds and landmarks, by the end of the ride, you'll be expecting everyone to bow down to you and call you 'Your Majesty'!


NITP Ride Breakdown:


0-10miles: Not the most quitest of starts but you can have a race with the Jumbos to help you warm up as you set off from Heathrow Airport. Wind your way through Stanwell, its a suprisingly low traffic cut through to get yourself over the m25. Only danger is the roundabout on top of the London Orbital as you'll be exiting a give way junction rather than a signal controlled merger. Once over, you will start to get the feeling of royalty as you see Windsor Castle on the Eton horizon, give a little royal wave to the tourists and head on through towards Dorney.


TT Challenge: Horton - Datchet, 2.6km


10-20miles: Cycle past a part of Olympic history in the form of Dorney Lake where Team GB won 12 medals on their way to the most successful Olympics ever for now legendary 2012 squad. Head north up to Taplow and you'll find the route begins to get a bit lumpy. Traffic is still relatively low so embrace the countryside. Enjoy the descent down Hedsor which will take you into the quaint town of Cookham. If you fancy one of the best chocolate shortbreads around, detour down the river to find Jenners Cafe, they also do burger challenges if you're seriously on empty! Cruise up Terry's Lane to find a fantastic viewpoint overlooking the lumps of Marlow.


Polka Dot Challenge #1: Hill Farm Rd, Taplow, 0.7km, 8% max. 


Polka Dot Challenge #2: Winter Hill, Cookham, 3.3km, 10% max.


20-30miles: The most peaceful section on the route. Smell that country air (unless its manure and just tuck your nose into your jersey!). Another aviation landmark as you pass the White Waltham Airfield, continue your countryside journey as you head south through little Berkshire communities such as Touchen End and Hawthorn Hill. 


Polka Dot Challenge: Hawthorn Hill, Warfield, 0.9km, 5% max.


30-40miles: The countryside tour doesn't stop there though. Heading towards the famous race horsing stadium of Ascot, enjoy the clean English air of Winkfield Row before 'jockeying'towards the home of the historic race meet Royal Ascot. Not 'furlong' to go now! Gallop towards Windsor Great Park where her majesty will be waiting for you with a great view looking back over Windsor Castle and the Long Walk.


Maillot Vert Challenge: Winkfield Rd, Ascot, 1km.


40-50miles: Take in on of the best views around looking back out to the castle, if the flag is up, the Queen is home so give her a knock for a cuppa! This section snakes you through the weirdly 40mph speed limit roads in this public Royal Park. Look out for other monuments such as the Prince Consort's statue and the Guards Polo Club. This section will spit you out into Virginia Water, an area full of mansions and palaces that would make you realise you're not a prince/princess anymore!


Polka Dot Challenge: Callow Hill, Virginia Water, 0.4km, 9% max.


50-60miles: You'll be happy to know there are no more lumps, not even train stations to get over! Just a nice cruise back through Thorpe and Chertsey. We have even kindly given you a slight detour down the river in Shepperton to treat yourself to a cold pint and delicious food at Thames Court which overlooks some homes which will enhanc your Lotto addiction!


Maillot Vert Challenge: Dockett Eddy Lane, Chertsey, 1.7km.


60-76miles: If you've got some fuel left in the tank, get yourself into TT mode and 'Wiggo' it to your last Royal landmark, Hampton Court Palace. Home of an Olympic moment of Sir Brad's TT gold, you're now riding on iconic roads thanks to his heroics. Cut into Bushy Park for your last leafy backdrop and head home wherever that may be to enjoy sitting on your own throne!


TT Challenge: Shepperton - Hampton, 5.4km.