150th Anniversary
gravel bike

Saturday 23rd October 2021

I don't really have much to say apart from I am very jealous of the 150 lucky customers who now ride this beautiful machine celebrating 150 years of Continental...

In celebration of it's 150th anniversary, Continental has today announced a limited edition gravel bike collaboration with Germany's bike-components. 

The ultra-lightweight OPEN NEW U.P. gravel frame is designed for comfortable handling and efficient power transmission, and is uniquely detailed with a 'Continental yellow' paint job. The TERRA TRAIL tires are coloured with the iconic 'Continental yellow'. Each bike in this limited edition series is individually badged with a number from 1 to 150.

Jan-Niklas Voß, Product Manager, said: "We wanted to give our award-winning TERRA series a truly unique look by incorporating our Continental signature colour. Gravel, still a young segment, gave us the opportunity to immortalise our passion for mobility with an exclusive bike collaboration."

The gravel bike is available as part of a limited run of 150 from Friday 8th October. More information can be found via